Quality Control

1.Highest quality of raw material 

Our hair is mainly sourced from the southern china but this will vary depending on the range. We pay at or above market value for all of our unprocessed human hair braids from those choosing to donate their hair of their own free will.

When the hair arrives at our factory the hair is checked to ensure that it is still braided, this helps us ensure the quality and that the cuticles are all still aligned. Quality inspections are carried out on each braid singularly to ensure the virgin hair is clean, strong, virgin, and meets our strict quality specifications so that only the best braids are selected to be used to produce our hair extensions.

2.QC in every process 

Throughout the sourcing, selection, processing and production process we carry out several quality control measures to ensure that the hair meets our high standards and specifications.

These quality control inspections check every detail of the hair, this includes wash it several times with abrasive products, conducting friction tests on the hair, microscopic tests of the hair, as well as many other tests. 

3.Inspection again before shipping

As a final step before leaving our production facilities, our quality control inspectors will randomly check a large proportion of the packaged hair, looking at different application methods, colours, lengths, weight, taking a record of every quality point.

Our factory pay more attension on quality and we could give guarantee for our hair , welcome to contact us !