A lot of things happen in the production facility before the end product is with the customer.At this point we would like to give you a little insight how to make hair extension .


After the raw material hair havs been deliveried to the production facility.it is sorted .The sorting takes place according to various criteria .These are length,structure,color and texture.

2.To warehouse 

All sorted hair in temporarity stored in the warehouse ,The hair is sorted according to the above criteria.


Before the hair goes into the processing process,the braids are trimmed using a sweing machine.On the one hand,this ensures that the individual braids of hair do not break during processing ,and on the other hand,the hair on the braid can be processed better . 

4.Bleaching hair 

Bleaching hair very gently,In this context ,gentle means that the cuticle of the hair is minimally damaged.It is very important for the quality of the hair .


The hair is gently colored in different baisi tones.We have been able to optimize the coloration process,so that we can guarantee very good quality here too ,The coloration process is carried out with very high quality products.

6.Quality control 

Inspector will inspect  hair in every process,only that quality is confirmed then we will countinue to next process 


Quality control inspectors will randomly check a large proportion of the packaged hair ,looking at different appllication methods,colors lengths,weight,taking a recod of every quality point .